January 18, 2014

Arrival in Deutschland!

Munich, Germany

After about 12+ hours of traveling for some, the AMBEXers made there way to Terminal 2 of the Munich airport to meet the AMBEX staff, most, for the first time. After getting the group together we headed downtown to the Munich city center. There the students had the opportunity to visit the Residenz, the castle-home of the famed Wittelsbach family. It ranks among the most finest palace museums in Europe.

It was shortly after noon when the whole group met together for lunch at the best German restaurant in the world! (As is the opinion of the writer.) It is a Bavarian restaurant/brewery that serves some of the finest traditional German meals. One meal, a personal favorite, is the Schweinshaxe. It is a giant pork knuckle served with gravy and a potato dumpling. A majority of the class ceased the opportunity and ordered this dish (shown below).
Almost every guy ordered this I think. I wonder why... :)

Everyone packed in tight for this shot at the Hofbrauhaus in front of the live band.

After all the bellies were full we walked around downtown Munich, first stopping at the beautiful Marienplatz to take in the breathtaking Neues Rathaus ("New" City Hall). This neo-Gothic monstrosity is a definite eye-catcher.

And of course the ladies needed their picture taken with the traditional Bavarian dresses (Dirndls).

The last stop of our day brought us to the Munich Frauenkirche (Womens Church).

And of course we had to bring in the man power #taylor

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