December 01, 2013

Our final trip- Nurnberg

This past Saturday the AMBEXers made their way north-west by train to Nurnberg- our last train ride of the semester. Our day in the city began with a visit to the Germanische Nationalmuseum, one of Germany's finest collections rivaled only possibly by that in Berlin (which we already visited!). The museum houses arms and armor, works of art, musical instruments, artifacts and everything in between culminating to perhaps the most complete syntheses of German history and culture found in any museum. Just across the street from the
Germanische Nationalmuseum was a toy museum which was more characteristic of Nurnberg itself as its legacy and hallmark is one of craftsmanship, creativity and invention.

D-man checking out some of the arms and armor

After a significant portion of time spent at these two museums the AMBEXers were then able to fully experience the world renowned Nurnberg Christmas markets (Christkindlmarkt)! They were indeed quite magnificent-- Christmas lights on every building, the streets lined with vendors' stalls, delicious food, great music and all in the company of dear friends. A splendid and blessed semester it has been. 

Mark, Audrey and Steph at the Christmas market!

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