October 17, 2013


We arrived at Eisenach, a city that holds claim to significant episodes in the lives and stories of Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederich III The Wise, and Martin Luther among others. Aiming to seize as many opportunities as possible we spent a portion of one afternoon at the house of Johann Sebastian Bach where we were treated to a live solo production using 17th and 18th century  instruments and exhibiting how they were used.

Later that day we ventured above the city to the Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther spent his exhile and where he produced many works not the least of which was the translation of the Bible into the German language. This consequently standardized the then regionally sporadic German language into a single standard tongue, "Hoch Deutsch." 

Ambex with Mr. Bach

Nikki and Marissa in the basement of the Bach House

Steven and Liz chillin' to some Bach

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