October 18, 2013

Mainz and Worms

After our splendid time in Eisenach we embarked upon the last leg of our journey- destination: Heidelberg. Before we arrived however we had to stop at a few sites along the way that simply could not be missed. These included Mainz where we toured the Gutenberg Museum. The Gutenberg Press was perhaps the single most enabling factor of the not only the Reformation but the High Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. The novelty of mechanized printing allowed the ideas of the Luther and the other reformers to spread broadly and rapidly. The Ambexers were able here to see the reality, novelty and importance of this remarkable innovation.

Lyz, Nikki, Andrea and Audrey getting a little hands-on at the Gutenberg Museum.

Bella and Marissa (near the back) checking out some of the exhibits.

The next bit of this day's journey brought us to the city of Worms where the Diet of Worms was held. It was during this deliberation that Luther was declared an outlaw and heretic. His works became illicit and his life was protected by no law-- Frederick III of Saxony to the rescue!

Cathedral of St. Peter in Worms

Inside the Cathedral of St. Peter

Reformation monument in Worms. Great poses guys!

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