April 17, 2013

Canoe Trip!

Monday some of the AMBEXers went out on a canoe trip on the Naab River near Regensburg.  God blessed us with a spectacular day!.  Check out the photos below to see!  :)

We began the day with a hike up to the ruins of a castle.  The castle was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War.
The town of Kallmunz lies below.

Ning, Maddie, Melissa, and Kaylee climbed one of the castle walls! 
We enjoyed the lovely view as we ate our sack lunches.  :)

God planned for us to meet two U.S. military chaplain families at the castle.  What a blessing to meet fellow Americans and believers in an unexpected place!

After lunch, we hiked back down the hill and hopped in our canoes.  Our German guide gave us some pre-trip instructions.

The platoon (all of three canoes) is prepared for launch.  We'll need those muscles to paddle!
Claire (rear) captains her canoe with Ning, Kaylee, and Jess as the trusty crew  This is right after launch.

We experienced breathtaking scenery as we floated and/or paddled gently down the Naab River (pronounced "knob.")

Captain Josh, Marianne, Karen, and Amy complete a portage around a small waterfall along the route.
The merry AMBEXers raise their paddles in salute to Coach and Kelley, our faithful canoe trip photographers.

Captain Marcus, Maddie, and Melissa won the race on the last leg of the trip.  Congratulations!

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