April 16, 2013

Guten Tag from Regensburg!  :)  The AMBEXers are on the home stretch of this semester!  This weekend was packed with adventure.  Friday we took in a baseball game here in Regensburg. Saturday we visited Nurnberg, a culturally rich city just an hour long train ride away.  Sunday we took a lovely river cruise down the Danube River to Walhalla, a monument to famous German speakers modeled after the parthenon!  
Here's a few pics of our adventures!

Europe's #1 Team, the Regensburg Legionnaire,s take the field to face off with the Stuttgart Reds.

The team mascot, a legionnaire patrols the field before the game begins.

Kaylee was selected to play a game during the seventh inning.  If she could hit the green rectangular sign using the water balloon launcher, she would win a prize!  She got very close.  :)

Our merry group (plus some Germans in front) enjoying the great American pastime together.

Saturday morning: "Coach" Jerry gives the students some background on the opera house in Nurnberg.

AMBEXers learn about the fortifications of medieval Nurnberg.

Some of the girls took advantage of this empty picture frame in the German National Museum.

The AMBEXers pose in front of the knights in the museum's armory section.

After the museum, we enjoyed some of the famous Nurnberg bratwurst!

Downtown Nurnberg  as seen from the city's castle.  It was a beautiful day, as you can see!

Some of the AMBEXers on the top deck of our boat to Walhalla.  We took full advantage of Sunday's sunshine.  :)

The rest of the group (plus a few Germans).
Coach gives us some history about the monument's location and construction.

This is the view from the front of the Walhalla.  God is a fantastic artist!

Ning and Maddie enjoy each other's company on the boat ride home.  What a fun day!

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