September 11, 2013

Fall Semester 2013 is Underway!

Guten Tag aus Regensburg!

The Ambexers have arrived and the semester is on its way! On Saturday we gathered the whole group together for the first time in Munich where we toured a bit of the city aiming to keep awake in order to combat jet lag. We visited Munich's famous Marienplatz, home of the City Hall Belltower or Rathaus Glockenspiel as well as the fabled Hofbrauhaus, a traditional German dining hall.

Sunday began with a church service here in Regensburg after which we meandered about the town, letting the Ambexers gain some bearings in their new city and take in such sights as the Regensburg Dom (St. Peter's Catherdral,) The Old Stone Bridge and the Danube River among many others. The night was capped by chapel at our youth hostel where we set aside some time for worship and met with friends of Ambex John and Elva Beach. The Beaches discussed their missionary endeavors in Romania where the Ambexers will have the opportunity to venture forth and share the Gospel on an optional short mission trip this semester.

Monday- first day of class! The students began their European History, Geography and Culture lectures Monday morning as well as general orientation. The students, for most of the afternoon, learned about what and what not to do as well as a bit more about their fellow Ambexers. Following the orientation in our classroom was an orientation of the nearby Einkaufs Zentrum, the shopping center, where everyone was able to pick up some further essentials; notebooks, soaps, shampoo, water bottles etc. The evening was spent playing games & sharing about life with one another.

Upcoming events include a visit to Walahlla (a German emulation of the Greek Parthenon,) Regen River canoe day as well as a visit to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the very inspiration for the Disney Castle...stay tuned!  

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