March 24, 2013

Garmisch Recap

Guten tag aus Deutschland! After a great week together in Garmisch, our AMBEX students are busy traveling around Europe for their third and final reading/travel week.  Below are some photos highlighting last week's activities. Enjoy! :)

We had a spectacular view of the German/Austrian Alps! The Lord blessed us with excellent weather all week.

Some of the students got to observe a master carver at work in Oberammergau (town near Garmisch).  This man has been carving for 39 years!  His products were beautiful.  L to R: Jordyna, Karen, Ning, Josh, Claire, Ning, JJ, Marcus and Bess

This merry bunch stopped for a quick group shot on the way back from our Oberammergau adventure!

Some of the students visited the Weiskirche.  This church is one of the classic examples of Rococo architecture.  The richness of the interior design is breathtaking.
More of the décor at the Weiskirche.

What's a day trip without a little cake?  :)

This photo shows the scale of the mountains we lived beneath. What a creative God we serve!

Many students took hikes throughout the week.  The landscapes were endless!

One of the hiking trails led to this medieval fortification. It dates back to the 13th century!

Some of us toured Linderhof Palace, a residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.  It looks small, but the interior is richly decorated.

The King had quite a view from his palace!

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