March 19, 2013

Prague Trip!

Last week, if you recall, AMBEX took a day trip to Prague as part of the Modern European Literature course.  We had a grand time!  Please enjoy the photos below to experience the sights and sounds we saw.  :)

Professor Baarendse giving the students an introduction to the city of Prague.
The courtyard of the Royal Palace.
AMBEXers in front of the courtyard fountain.
Students pose with the Royal Guard.  L to R: Emily, Karen, Mare, Marcus, Ning, Claire, Melissa

View of the city from the palace hill.
Group shot in front of St. Charles bridge.
View from the bridge.  The walls are lined with statues of important historical and Biblical figures.

One of the many statues on the bridge.  Notice the lovely cityscape in the background!

Prague has an astronomical clock that displays the 12 apostles on the hour.  It has been working for hundreds of years!

Students in front of the Jan Hus memorial statue in the main city square.

We heard some live music in the square as well!  This is a middle eastern bagpipe-like instrument.

We also visited the Jewish quarter of Prague.  The small market is on the left, and the entrance to the Jewish cemetery is at the end of the road.

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