March 30, 2013

Reading/Travel Week 3

The AMBEXers are wrapping up their third and final travel/reading week!  Check out the summaries of their adventures below.  :)


Four students booked a sweet vacation package in Turkey!  They spent the week in a fancy resort, lounging at the pool or the beach. What a treat to enjoy the warm sunshine!  :)

L to R: Mare, Claire, Rachel, Marcus

Four girls headed to the Greek island of Crete.  They laid on the beach and basked in the sun, went sailing, explored the little towns, and much more!  They came back a little burned/tanned.  :)

L to R: Melissa, Maddie, Ning, Teddi

Karen and Kaylee decided to spend the week in Vienna, Austria. Among other things, they saw landmarks associated with the famous Elisabeth, Empress of Austria/Queen of Hungary (also known as Sissi).  Here they are pictured in the Vienna Opera House!

Karen and Kaylee were able to see "Parsifal," an opera by Richard Wagner.

 Black Forest

Amy and Jordyna ventured into the Black Forest to visit the town of Triberg. They saw the largest cuckoo clock in Germany, explored the town, and relaxed at their hostel.

Amy and Jordyna in Triberg.

Lacey and Marianne spent the week back in the UK, particularly Manchester. Below is a photo of them at the Richmond Tea Rooms. It is a place inspired by Walt Disney's and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!

Lacey (top) and Marianne at the tea room.

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