February 27, 2013

Reformation Tour - Wittenberg!

Guten Tag aus Eisenach!  Our AMBEX tour is rolling right along.  Here's some photos from our past two days in Wittenberg, the "Land of Luther."  Enjoy!  More pictures to come in a few days.  :)

Matt leads our daily devos.  He summarizes a significant Luther semon each morning.  We are enjoying his humorous and encouraging talks!

Darius had the opportunity to lecture about the Schlosskirche (Castle Church) in Wittenburg.  This is the church where Martin Luther is buried!

Stephen (Desch) talked to us about the Stadtkirche (City Church) in Wittenburg.  This church is where Martin Luther preached regularly.

Students look upon the altar in the Stadtkirche.  This famous altar was painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Dr. Quiggle points out the significant aspects of a painting to Jess and Claire in the Stadtkirche.

Group shot in front of Martin Luther's house, which is now a museum.  The house was formerly a monastery where Luther lived as an Augustinian monk.

Cassidy poses with Luther's pulpit.

Melissa and Emily point out (no pun intended) the spears in Luther's house.  Ning isn't sure what to think.  :)

Our lovely AMBEX ladies pose with Luther's wife, Katharina von Braun.  It's a bit cold outside!

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