March 05, 2013

Reformation Tour Part 2

Guten tag! Our tour finished up on Saturday and the students are off enjoying their second reading/travel week.  We have 3 students in Spain/Morocco, 3 students in Poland, and 12 students in the UK/Ireland.  Please pray for their safety and diligence in school work as they explore new parts of Europe.

Below are some photos highlighting the second half of last week's Reformation tour.  Enjoy!  :)

Group shot with Johann Sebastian Bach in Eisenach.  (It rhymes!)

This is the house where Bach spent his childhood. Today it is a museum dedicated to his work and to musical instruments of the time period in which he lived (1685-1750).
We got to hear a demonstration of several 18th century keyboard instruments!

Darius helped our presenter play this organ.  He is pumping the bellows with his foot to keep a steady stream of air through the pipes as they are activated by the organist.

Kristi-Joy was able to play the harpsichord!

Darius, Rachel, and Marcus pose with different castings of Bach's head.

The next stop was Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther hid for over one year during the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.
The snow and ice created a beautiful winter setting for the castle during our visit.

Group shot inside the castle walls.

Students sit in the castle chapel as our tour guide briefly explains Martin Luther's association with Wartburg Castle.
Group shot in front of St. Mary's cathedral in Erfurt.  This is a fantastic structure!  Additionally, there's a great bratwurst stand nearby.  Don't ask how we know. :) 

Group shot in front of Dom St. Peter in Worms.

Saturday we toured Heidelberg!  Here we are in front of a defensive tower of Schloss (Castle) Heidelberg.

This castle houses the world's largest wine vat.  It holds approximately 58,000 gallons of wine!  It is no longer in use.

The castle overlooks the old town district of Heidelberg.  From the balcony, one can see the Protestant (left) and Catholic (right) churches, as well as the Neckar river winding through the city.

Marcus and Bess share a moment on the balcony of the castle. Don't worry; they're married!  :)
Group shot from the old stone bridge, which crosses the Neckar River.

Old town Heidelberg, with the schloss in the background.  We had such a great time on this tour together!  Thanks for sharing in our adventures.  :)

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