February 21, 2013

Reading/Travel Week 1 Highlights

Guten Tag!

Our AMBEXers have safely returned from their first reading/travel week! We had students spread far and wide over Europe.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers over the past week.  The Lord was faithful to grant protection and enjoyment for all.  Here's a brief summary of each travel group.  Enjoy!

Romania Mission Trip
Six girls decided to spend their free week traveling through Romania with John and Elva Beach, seasoned missionaries and good friends of AMBEX.  The girls ministered in several local churches throughout the week.  It was a powerful experience for each of them!

L to R: Amy, Emily, Rachel, Jess, Mare, Kaylee.  (Amidst many Romanian children) 
France/Spain Trip
Six girls braved two countries in one week!  First up was Paris, France, where the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre were among the stops made.  After a few days, the group flew to Barcelona, Spain and enjoyed the contrasting culture, including loud streets and colorful markets.  The beach was also a memorable destination; some of the girls even got sunburned, in February no less!

L to R: Claire, Ning, Cassidy, Jordyna, Teddi, Hayley

Italy Trip
Two AMBEX ladies headed to Rome, Italy for the week.  They found a sweet deal on a plush hotel downtown and spent the week relaxing in comfort as well as exploring the city.  The Colosseum, Vatican City, and catacombs were among the sights.  A special highlight: these girls were in Rome when the Pope announced his resignation!

Marianne in front of the Parthenon. (Lacey is taking the photo.)

Spain Trip
Three girls, plus Josh, decided to spend the whole week in Spain.  They first flew to Barcelona and spent a few days enjoying the markets, beach, and Mont Juic (location of the Olympic stadiums).  Next they drove to Madrid to see the Prado art museum and the King's palace.  Grenada was the next stop; the Arab flair was charming.  Gibraltar (giant rock owned by the U.K.) was the last destination.

L to R: Josh, Maddie, Melissa, Karen

As always, thanks for reading our blog and keeping up with the AMBEX program! We covet your prayers as our students grow and are stretched during their coursework and cultural immersion.  Stay tuned for more information soon!  :)  Tschuss!

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