September 18, 2008

Student Post: Kristina McGill

The last couple of days have been amazing. As I arrived here in Amberg we have already done so many things worth while. After our first couple days here I am already beginning to fall in love with the German people. One night we played a softball game with a bunch of Amberg people our age. We were also invited to a campfire at Samuels house. He is a member at Freie Christliche Gemeinde, the church AmBEx partners with and which houses the girls dorms and classrooms. It was a lot of fun to connect with other people our age who were so willing to open up their hearts and home to us. Most of the night was spent laughing and singing songs by the campfire. Two nights ago we were also invited over for dinner at a local missionaries house. Matthew and Christi fixed a splendid "dinner" for us consisting of Apple Strudel and warm vanilla pudding. We talked about their mission field and learned a lot about Germany. They were extremely generous in inviting us and genuinely wanted to get to know us and understand how we were adjusting to Germany. Just today we visited Nuernberg by train. Once we stepped onto the train the adventure began. After gazing upon the German countryside for about an hour we arrived in Nuernberg. After leaving the station, I found myself in a buzzing city with all kinds of different people. I've never seen such a wide variation of people and everyone seemed to be sight seeing, shopping, eating and taking pictures. Walking through Nuernberg was amazing. So many places and people to see. We climbed up to a plateau overlooking Nuernberg and arrived at Nuernberg castle. It sits on a sandstone rock at the very north part of the city. Today this castle is one of the main landmarks in Nuernberg as its tall walls and gorgeous views are not easy to pass by. As we looked out onto the city from above, we could see the breathtaking scenery all around including the three churches we visited earlier in the day. We ended up eating lunch underneath a fountain called the "Schoener Brunnen" meaning Beautiful Fountain in English. It was incredibly tall and in its walls were many pictures of famous philosophers, evangelicals and Christian believers that have greatly impacted the world around them. Overall, Nuernberg and Amberg have been absolutely amazing. It's people and beautiful atmosphere create a feeling that is utterly majestic and I cant wait to experience more over the next three months.

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