September 18, 2008

Student Post: Joey Charles

Germany! So where should I begin telling you about this mysterious land?

The scenery is amazing. Right now the boys of "Ambex Fall '08" are chilling in the appt. after a long, full, week. We've been all over Amberg and to Nuernberg by train. We've been to a German Church, as well as an English one. We've been to bon fires, softball games (which we won), went to a lighting ceremony in the city center, Heard the music of Glen Miller (pennsylvania 65000), and met some amazing people. Amberg is a beautiful little city rich in culture and history. The bridges you cross to get everywhere are beautiful and Old Walled city just blows me away. I can't believe I am really here. It all seems so surreal! I thought you could only see this stuff at Disney World. ha ha ha just kidding.

I guess the confusion lies in the reason I'm here in Germany. Maybe it is for me to experience evangelism in a difficult and spiritually cold environment, or to share God's love cross culturally and learn how to share the gospel with those around me. Do I really need to be here? God you made it work so how is this supposed to shape my future?

I'm pretty sure God is calling me back to Europe to work with the surfing community in France. Maybe not permanently but at least to get something started in a community that is spiritually cold. Please pray that God would continue to guide me... It is only a God thing that I stayed where I did and met certain people in France. I'm really looking forward to making more contacts and seeing if God would have me make an impact there with His power.

So... I am loving Germany and its people, and all that I am seeing and doing. School is going to be interesting with each class lasting only 2 weeks. Please be praying for me as there will be no time to stop and goof off. I need to be on top of the game and always seeking after God.

Please also pray for opportunities to witness and minister as well as those God has already so graciously provided. Pray that He will give me wisdom on where school and relationships meet.

God Bless and thanks for your prayers,
I miss you all greatly (family, friends and CIUer friends...u have your own category of friendship CIU people... feel special!)

Joey Charles

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