September 18, 2008

Student Post: Becky Scholten

Yesterday we rode the train into Nuernberg. What an adventure! Pulling into the Hauptbanhof reminded me of pulling into Union Station, a little memory of home. When we entered the city and walked into the main square it was clear we were in Germany. It is hard to believe that most of the cities are older than the U.S.A. by hundreds of years. The beautifully ornate churches towering over the city are so full of the history of the town. Many are under construction and restoration. When I walk into the churches I just sense the long story of the Christian struggle in Europe. I am striving to remember that they are not simply beautiful buildings but places of worship and each has its own story. I enjoyed wandering through the city while learning about its history with Jerry as our guide. The view from the castle was breathtaking and it was wonderful to wander along the wall and just take in everything. There were so many tourist groups traveling, and we were definitely in tourist mode also, but it made me excited for when we will not be tourists but acclimated to the culture. So many times I feel the difference in language and customs, but then I walk into an H & M and realize that we are not as different as we sometimes seem. A wonderful day in all and spent with a great group of people, what more could I ask for?

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