March 05, 2008

Student Post: Krug

A note by Tim Krug, AmbEx student from Moody Bible Institute

On Friday morning, I went to Nürnberg; It was delightful to see the city a second time. I spent about an hour just walking around the streets, discovering shopping areas and unexpected Aussichtpunkten (viewing points). After a nice lunch at the Bratwursthaus, where I got a bowl of soup in a copper kettle, before finding a Schwarzwald Eis (Black Forest Ice Cream) at an outside table. That was among my most splendidly European moments to date, and it was fantastically refreshing. Later in the day, I joined the group to Michael Hutter’s house in Poppenricht. The hospitality of a Christian German bachelor is not something to be missed. We had a great time preparing and eating our dinner, and plenty of fun playing his German board games. Translation is always an adventure!

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