March 06, 2008

Student Post: Eberhardt

A note by Brian Eberhardt, AmbEx student from Corban College

This weekend, I ended up at the quaint town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a lovely, well-preserved medieval city. As I walked through the narrow, cobble-stone, I was enchanted with the classic half-timbered buildings. After eating a sandwich on the steps of the Rathaus, I made my way to the Burg Garten, featuring an oblong stretch of paths, oaks, and flower arrangements, and views of the meandering Tauber etched between green, forested hills. In the background I heard a German folk guitarist.

My place in this history is miniscule, but I am reminded that we are all within a greater meta-narrative; each of us are called to play our roles under the benevolent and just reign of one God. I found in my solo sojourn that I was able to look past the supposed "attractions" and see the source of all goodness. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes of quiet prayer and reflection beneath an ancient oak.

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