February 12, 2008

Student Posts: Wright and Emmert

A note by Heidi Wright, AmbEx Student from Eternity Bible College

Friday evening, five of us started a trip, which ended up in the little town of Seeg. I've decided that to have an adventure in the modern age you have to get on and off a train a few times. I lost track of how many times we changed trains that evening; it is certainly different from the norm I'm used to. We walked 4 km to get to our hostel on the sidewalk that ran alongside the highway, but it wasn't a bad thing; the stars in the sky were more vivid than I have ever seen them in my life. I doubt I will ever see them that bright again. Our hotel- once found- was nicer than many hotels I've stayed in; we had chocolates in our rooms and a view of a frozen lake. The next morning, one of the people who worked at the hotel gladly gave us a ride back to the train station. Nice people, nice place, and I would definitely go back.

A note from Mitchell Emmert, AmbEx student from Corban College

Interlocken, Switzerland was gorgeous: hills and mountains surrounded the little town. We ended up going up to the mountains past a series of little towns as we made a loop on a combination of trains and gondolas. We got up to the top of the ski areas, where we looked around for a while, took pictures, and heard a band playing American cover songs.

The next day we went to Lucerne and walked around the city. I wish we could’ve spent more time there; Lucerne has extremely old wooden bridges running across the river, a lake at the end of the city, and a really high castle wall across one of the hills we went up to see. The river’s water was really clear and swans were all over the place.

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