February 08, 2008

Academic Tour of Dresden

The first two days of February were packed with adventure as students set off for Dresden. A city lying in the former East German block, Dresden’s appearance belies its age. The city was reduced to rubble after it was carpet-bombed in 1945, but has recently been reconstructed.

The AmbEx team attended a concert featuring the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, who played Schumann’s Fourth Symphony and Zemlinski’s Little Mermaid. AmbEx students then took the remainder of the weekend to explore Dresden’s treasures, including the Zwinger Palace, Dresden's cultural museum featuring works of Rubens, Canaletto, and Raphael, as well as Meissen porcelain, a variety of clocks and scientific instruments, and 16th and 17th century armor; the famed Green Vault, housing some of the world’s finest treasures, including artworks of gold, silver, gems, enamel, ivory, bronze and amber; the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran baroque-style cathedral whose most distinctive feature is the 314-foot-high dome known as the Steinerne Glocke, or Stone Bell; and the Semper Opera house, one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe.

It was truly a fascinating trip to Dresden and the AmbEx team will take away with them a treasure of memories from this regal city.

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