December 31, 2007

FAQ's - Internet, boots, books, GLA software, extended stay(s)

FAQ’s – AmbEx


Q: Hi, quick question-- how "handy" or near-by will dial-up or wireless connections be in Amberg? Will we have connections in the living quarters or in the classrooms, or will the nearest ones be at the library or elsewhere in town?

A: The AmbEx Classroom(s) will have wireless connectivity. There are also several Internet Café’s in Amberg.

Q: Do you recommend bringing snow boots?

A: Amberg has not had a lot of snow the past couple of years but . . . If you intend to spend some time in the snow (mountains, etc.) then . . . ? Also, you may purchase some boots in Germany at an affordable price. Important is to have warm and dry feet (weather proofed shoes, socks, etc.)

Q: Am I only required to purchase one of the three recommended travel guides? (Enigma, Eyewitness, or Green Guide).

A: Please purchase and bring Enigma and one or more Travel Guides. We’ll also have travel guides in the ‘library’ but you’ll want to have at least one, of the recommended for your personal use/marking.

Q: I have a different version of German learning software. It's called Instant Immersion German Deluxe. Would you prefer I purchase Rosetta Stone or Auralog?

A: It’s your call. German Language Acquisition (GLA) is an Independent/Directed Study course with live (in person) tutorial assistance. The objective is to learn enough German to (1) converse in German and (2) pass the CLEP exam for college credit. Rosetta Stone and Auralog have been highly recommended by other universities, but a different approach e.g. software may lend itself better to our your individual skill level and advancement.

Q: Will it be possible for me to remain in the planned Amberg living after the term finishes? In addition, will it be a possibility for my family member(s) to stay for a couple days after the term finishes?

A: Beyond the 90 day passport provisions, the question is best addressed by German Visa officials/rules on an individual basis. As far as I'm concerned you are most welcome to stay on at the school/dorm and/or use our personal guest facilities. (donations are appreciated)


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Joelle said...

Are there any other books we need to bring, other than the ones already mentioned?


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