December 19, 2007

German Language Acquistion

Warm greetings (inside) - outside it is sunny and beautiful - but -1C.

Hope your Fall semester ended well and that you can now look forward to a joyous Christmas and upcoming Spring semester in Amberg!
As you probably know, their are several different German Language Acquisition (GLA) programs e.g. traditional, self-taught, on-line, etc., for example Rosetta Stone. Depending on each student's independent study progress as facilitated by e.g. Rosetta Stone and tutorial assistance, AmbEx students seeking college credit for German can look forward to taking and passing the German CLEP exam which could award them 0-6 semester units [depending on the policy of each individual college].
If you take GLA, the $125 [AmbEx] credit is offered to defray some of the materiel cost--not necessarily cover the cost of any/all programs e.g., or
By the way, depending on your learning style preference you might further research and consider purchasing the 3 month 'online' subscription for $109.

Please write or call if you have further questions or suggestions.
Looking forward to seeing you one month from today!

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