November 07, 2007

Registering for Courses/Classes (Spr 08)

Students 'un/officially' apply/register on-line
for Christian Worldview (CWV), Ref Theo (RT), Ref History (RH), True Revival (TR), German Geography (GG) and German Language Acquistion (GLA)

After students have counsulted with their Faculty Advisor and/orRegistrar (signature required) students are then officially registered for classes.

Preferrably, every student would enroll in the courses above unless a course(s) would be superfluous and of no help towards graduation--in which case a DS course would better serve the student.

The independent/directed study (DS) courses would seemingly require students to consult with the respective course professor 'course owner' --to obtain a DS syllabus. AmbEx faculty/staff are on hand in Germany to facilitate and assist the DS student--but not teach the DS course.


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