November 07, 2007

Facilities Update/Blessings

Yesterday, on behalf of the Free Christian Church (FCG) in Amberg, Pastor Ewald Koschel agreed to allow AmbEx use of the entire 2nd floor above the church for classroom, administration and dormitory (8-male students) purposes. This spacious facility has previously not been used other than on Sunday morning. It has been newly renovated to include AmbEx shower and laundry facilities, kitchen/dining and limited recreation (ping-pong, etc.) FCG is warmly welcoming AmbEx / Students. The congregation of 60 adults plus many children are eager to serve and fellowship with AmbEx. Doctrinally, FCG is the most kindred German/Christian church to AmbEx in the region . The sanctuary on the ground floor has been offered to AmbEx for large group meetings and mid-week chapel. Piano students/majors are welcome to use the church piano for practice purposes. FCG is a 20’ walk to Old Town. City Bus service is also available/nearby.


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