November 05, 2007

Visa Regulations

The spring semester of AmbEx runs from January 18 through April 16. You may stay in Europe on your passport alone for up to 90 days and will not require a visa for your semester abroad. However, if you choose to arrive earlier or leave later than the set program dates, you will require a student visa to stay in the country.

Students may apply for visas in person, but the consulate wants it to be in person, whether that's stateside or abroad. You may wait until your arrival in Germany to apply for a student visa or contact the German consulate in San Francisco:

German Consulate San Francisco1960 Jackson Street San Francisco, CA 94109Tel: ( 415) 775 - 1061Fax: (415) 775 - 0187Recorded information is available for visa/passport/ citizenship under the following numbers:Tel: (415) 353 - 0303 (Visa )Tel: (415) 353 - 0369 ( Passport/ Citizenship)

It takes about 25 days to process the student visa application and students should register in a timely fashion after arrival in Germany at the local Auslaenderamt (foreigners' office). They require the following documentation, mostly downloadable online:
2 complete applications (download)
2 required declarations (download)
2 official passport photos (sticky regulations - check online)
Passport + one copy
Letter of acceptance from German institution + one copy
Evidence of sufficient funds for stay in Germany
48 Euro application fee (+18 Euros if you want the passport mailed back), in the form of cash or money order only

For more information, visit the German Consulate website at


Anonymous said...

Are those the correct dates for when our exchage semester starts and finishes?

AmbEx said...

The website and dates have been recently updated. Thanks for asking.


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