March 06, 2014

Travel Week Zwei!

01-09 MARCH 2014

This week marks the half-way point for these AMBEXers and it is a rewarding week to be able to travel and relax (with some preparatory studies). Students during this week traveled extensively throughout central Europe and one group to Eastern Europe/Asia.

The PARIS and Boarding Four

From left to right: Tessa, Lexie, Missy and Erica enjoy the must see sights of the beautiful city of Paris. Their group stayed in Paris for 5 days enjoying all that the city had to offer them, from the Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame, to the Louvre and much more.

From Paris the girls made their way to Switzerland and to the world famous Swiss Alps. Here the girls enjoyed a full day of Snowboarding in Arosa, Switzerland. For two of these girls it was the first time snowboarding, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend your first day on the slopes than in SWISS ALPS!

The PORTO Peops

This group spent the week in Porto, Portugal. From spending time at the beach surfing to taking walking tours throughout the city, Olivia, Ty, Kylie and Katy had a blast getting to adapt and live in the Portugese culture. One night they decided to make tacos with the local produce/meat and they turned out to be the "best tacos ever" as they have said.

A beautiful view overlooking Porto with these TMC pals. 

Super SWITZ Sarah

For Sarah's second travel week she had the privilege of staying with a missionary family in Payerne, Switzerland. She got to be fully immersed into the French speaking culture and enjoyed getting to know the family and the people at their church. She was able to take day trips to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, as well as Geneva. 

Here Sarah stands in front of the statues of Genevan Reformation leaders William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, and John Knox in Geneva, Switzerland.

This week's Rambunctious ROADIES

David, Hannah, Kate and Kylie "road-tripped" through Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands!! All in one week! They experienced Carnival celebrations, in both Germany and Switzerland, visited the Swiss Alps, Hiked the Black Forest, visited French towns, went to the beach in Bruges, Belgium, and ate breakfast in a park in Nijmegen. They met a lot of great people through couch surfing and received a brief overview of many European towns.

Students Kate, Kylie, and David crammed inside their compact rental car they named Rupert. Quite a fitting name for a car that is relative in size to that of a gerbil :) .

Here the group take a stroll through the Black Forest!


This Trio, Chase, Taylor and myself spent the week exploring the wonders of Istanbul, Turkey. We had the opportunity to experience fine Turkish cuisine at the Babylonia restaurant with our new Turkish friends Emin and Oktay (Top left photo). The three of us enjoyed the Turkish nightlife with some night bowling and had a very unique experience in receiving the cultural Turkish Bath.This remarkable and one of a kind city is located on both sides of the Bosphorous Strait making this city located in Europe while the other half of the city is located in the western most part of Asia.
All of these experiences made for an amazing trip while surrounded by the ancient history of the former Roman city of Constantinople.

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