March 17, 2014

A day in Nürnberg

Today we made our way an hour north of our home in Regensburg to the Nazi Document Center in the city of Nürnberg. In WWII this city used to be used as the Nazi Party rally grounds. Hundreds of thousands of Germans would make their way to Nürnberg once a year to these massive gatherings as a celebration/symbol of the party's strength in Germany. Massive structures and stadiums were built to hold and house these masses. Today, many of them are destroyed, but some survived and serve as an eerie reminder of the dark past of the Third Reich.

Throughout the Nazi Document Center there was a rich amount of information about the Third Reich and Nazi Regime, but nothing as unique and interesting as this exhibit about the Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will." This film, now illegal to possess and/or watch in Germany is shown here in this exhibit in mere analytical segments for educational purposes. Here students Kylee, Kate, Kylie and Olivia listen in on the documentary film.

Olivia, Chase, and Sarah walk along the steps of the old Zeppelin Field which used to serve as one of the main fields for the Nazi Party rallies. 

After the Nazi Documentation Center we made our way to old town Nürnberg. Here students were able to take a photo with the beautiful old town providing a great backdrop from this castle top view. 

With the day winding down, the class stopped into Nürnberg's oldest Bratwurst House, dating back to its establishment in the 14th century. Here we were able to grab some delicious brats and kraut/taters before heading back home to Regensburg.

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