March 30, 2014

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Salzburg, Austria

The Hills are Alive here in Salzburg, Austria where the AMBEXers return from their last independent travel week to have some fun with the Sound of Music tour.

Here students reenact the classic picture from the Sound of Music movie starring Julie Andrews.

At the gates of the Nonnberg Convent. This is the same convent that Maria Von Trapp was a postulant at. She, intending to become a nun, fell in love with Col. Von Trapp and thus ended her service here at the convent. 

Unlike what the Sound of Music film portrays, the students above were able to see the actual home that the Von Trapp family lived in. Both the wedded couple and Col. Von Trapp's 7 children lived in these walls, but not long before settling in did the family have to flee to America to escape the conflict of World War II. While abroad, the family continued to sing as the Von Trapp Family Singers and toured throughout America making a living on their popular performances.

Kylie, Tessa, Hannah, and Sarah having a good laugh as they attempt to mimic the statue behind them.

While half of the class continued with the Sound of Music sights tour, half of the group went on a hike with Director Jerry Orr to the vast beauty of Berchtesgaden! Here students were able to hike in the breath-taking Bavarian Alps and see some of Germany's iconic "calendar-esque" scenery.

And "that's a wrap!" Here's to our adventurous time in Austria! We will see you in Italy next! :)

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