March 29, 2014

Study-Travel Week 3

Last Independent Travel Week!
22-29 MARCH 2014

The Cornwall Crew

 From left to right, Missy, Olivia and Erica spent their last and final travel week in Cornwall, England where they had a relaxing week at a quiet cabin resort.

Tessa to Finland!
Off to the north, Tessa Carver spent her week catching up with a dear friend in Helsinki, Finland. She spent her week traveling throughout Finland, taking in the beautiful flatland scenery there.

Tyler to Israel!
Here Tyler Beard made a new friend on the Mt. Olives in Israel. Tyler took his independent travel week to go visit friends studying at The Master's College's IBEX Semester Abroad program. He had the opportunity to be a part of some archaeological digs taking place there.

The UK Group
 The Highlands! This beautiful shot taken by David Beeghly shows the vast wonders and beauty of the Scottish Highlands. This group spent the week traveling & hiking the highlands, seeing the sights of both Edinburgh and London and even made it as far as Fort William, in search of a Scottish adventure!

Here from left to right, David, Chase and Taylor, had the chance to hit  balls on the driving range of the famed St. Andrew's Links golf course.

Katy on the Road
This last week for Katy was spent with her parents on an EPIC roadtrip throughout Europe. 6 Countries in 7 days is quite the feat!

Föhr Islanders!

Kylee Mac, Sarah, Hannah and Kylie Hineman spent their last week on the island of Föhr, located in the upper reaches of northern Germany. It was on this island that they often enjoyed bike riding and spending time at the beach.

Kate to the Republic of Ireland!

Kate started out her week with a few other AMBEXers in London, and then met up with a friend to take in the beautiful sights and flavors of Ireland.

A successful end to their final independent travel week, students made their way by plane, train, ferry and bus to the amazing city of Salzburg, Austria where the AMBEX staff were awaiting their arrival. It is from here that the students will make an epic 9 day academic tour through Austria and Italy. Stay tuned!

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