February 26, 2014


Capital city of the German state of Thüringen, Erfurt is home to over 200,000 people. Erfurt is most notable for its Augustinian Monastery that rests within the city limits. Here, this Order brought forth the monk who would change the direction of the Church. Here, Martin Luther would soon change the course of history.

Katy Olewiler lays face down in front of the altar piece at the cathedral of the Augustinian Monastery. It was on this very stone that all Augustinian monks from were originally sworn in, including Martin Luther.

 Inside the monastery, the tour took us to a courtyard centrically located within the compound. In some areas of the monastery, such as this courtyard, there still remains a vow of silence that must be adhered to upon entering.

The beautiful ancient bridge in Erfurt, known as the Krämerbrücke, was constructed in the 12th century and is home to many shops and vendors. 

Not to far from this place, the vans made their way to downtown Erfurt where Chase gave a lecture on Erfurt's cathedral - Dom St. Marien as it pertains to the reformation time period. 

This brought us to our final stop of the day, in front of the Erfurt Cathedral.

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