February 27, 2014


Just due west of our last location in Erfurt, lies the quaint town of Eisenach. This town beholds one of the most historic and well preserved castles in Germany, the Wartburg. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999, and a destination for thousands of tourists each year. This was the same castle where the publication of the New Testament was translated by Martin Luther from Greek into the German vernacular. This German Bible then became the basis for the first standardized Germanic language.

KyleeMac and Chase in front of Wartburg Castle after finishing an AMBEX promotional video.

Here in Martin Luther's former room in Wartburg Castle, lies the barren portion of the wall behind the green oven. This is the location of the Martin Luther ink spot legend. Legend has it that Luther fought off the devil by throwing his ink pot at him when the Devil tried to tempt Luther from not translating the Bible. Travelers throughout the centuries wanted to take a piece of this ink-spot as relics and keepsakes. Over time as travelers did the latter it left this wall "scraped to the bone" so to speak.

Another must-see destination within the city of Eisenach is the home of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Within these walls are much of Bach's lifetime musical works. Interestingly enough, only a small percentage of his works survived him. However, this exhibit does contain many of the instruments that Bach himself played or replicas of those in which he himself invented.

Taylor had the opportunity to help this musician play Bach's organ by pumping the air into this organ manually with the foot peddle.

The masterpieces of Bach are displayed throughout this house-museum for the enjoyment of music-lovers from around the world.

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