February 24, 2014

Berlin Day 2

Our second day in Berlin was one packed with history. The students learned the history of Germany as it spanned over 16 centuries beginning in 500AD. This learning took place at the German History Museum in downtown Berlin. 

Here Erica Mulkey sports the lovely cover worn by Napoleon Bonaparte during the Battle of Waterloo.

Quite a bit of emphasis in this museum was placed on the 20th century and the shameful past of the Nazi tyranny in the Third Reich. AMBEXer Tyler Beard reads on.

With the sun out and the weather wonderful, a walk through the historical city center was a must-do. The main square and government strip in Berlin can be equated to that of the Washington D.C. Mall.

AMBEX Class 2014 in front of the German capital building, the Reichstag. This building caught fire on 27 February 1933 and was heavily damaged. It is believed that the Nazi party set the fire in order to blame it on communists and revoke their rights.

Our walk through Germany's center also brought us to the famed Brandenburg gate.

No matter how big or small, it is always nice to get a little taste of home every now and then. It will not be long now until these students make their way back home to America.

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