February 23, 2014


Our second stop of our Academic tour brings us to one of the most influential and most powerful cities in Europe, BERLIN. The capital city of Germany, and home to over 3 million people, Berlin has had a most unique history as of late. Most notable for the Berlin Wall, Berlin used to be located within the territory of communist Russia, yet the city itself was split into districts. East Berlin was controlled by Russia while West Berlin was free and controlled by the Allies. East and West Berlin were split by what the world knows as the “Berlin Wall.” This wall was erected almost overnight without anyone knowing as to what was happening until all of East Berlin was cut off from the rest of the world. All radio, television, communication, and travel was completely cut off with very few exceptions. On 9 November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and millions flooded from communist oppressed East Germany to freedom in the west. Many joyous families and loved ones were reunited for the first time in almost 30 years.

Once a symbol of division, the Berlin Wall is now a symbol of joyous unification.

The Ambex girls having some pyramid fun on the east side of the Berlin Wall

The guys had to be a little more creative with their numbers and at the same time take things up a notch.

 In Berlin, students were able to pay a visit to the Pergamon museum. This museum is home to some incredible biblical artifacts such as the Babylon Gate, the Pergamon Altar, and the market gate of Miletus.

1. Daniel comes to Babylon: Daniel 1:1-7
2. Pergamon Altar in the Bible: Revelation 2:13-13
3. Miletus in the Bible: Acts 20:17-38

Students David, Chase and Tessa with Dr. Quiggle, reading the Book of Daniel with the Babylon gate in the background. This enormous gate in the background would have been the same gate which Daniel of the Bible walked through when he entered Babylon for the first time into King Nebuchadnezzar's demanded service.

 Kylie, Missy and Erica in front of the ancient Babylon Gate.

This museum brought us to an epic end of the day but not to the end of our adventure here Berlin. We are preparing to hit the city again tomorrow bright and early!

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