February 07, 2014

Christian Worldview Class with Dr. Allen Jones

Our second class of the semester, after European History, Geography & Culture, was taught by Corban University's Dr. Allen Jones. The Christian Worldview class helps students see the world through the lens of Scripture while helping them engage and apply these truths to their everyday lives.

A few students reflections on the class:

"He gave us a really good foundation to discuss & share with other people what our beliefs are while contrasting their worldview with biblical truths."

"I took away not judge too quickly whether or not people are Christians and to take into consideration  cultural differences and understanding how their worldview plays into how they live out their faith."

Here's a picture of Dr. Jones paying tribute to the man - Tim Tebow on our Friday-afternoon hike up to the Kallmuenz fortress ruins. 

Allen Jones did an excellent job in utilizing multiple styles of teaching in order to keep the class interested and engaged. Above: Chase Silver was volunteered by Dr. Jones to play psychologist and attempt to diagnose the problem that each student had. Each student's problem was that they all adopted the worldview of their neighbor. Tyler Beard in the red sweatshirt was asked by psychologist Chase Silver where his favorite place to eat was. Tyler Beard, unaware of what food Sarah Doorly (to Tyler Beard's immediate right) from Pennsylvania would consider her favorite, stated precariously, "I don't know...maybe some dive or something like that. This generated a humorous rise out of Sarah, causing herself and the rest of class to burst in laughter. Here this picture captures the laughter and the innocent "what did I do?" from Tyler Beard.

On the last day of class students participated in a group interview of Dr. Hans Schwartz where each had the opportunity to ask him a question pertaining to his own worldview and the theological positions he holds. Dr. Schwartz is a professor of theology and now serves as the Chair of Protestant Theology (Systematic Theology and Contemporary Theological Issues) at the University of Regensburg. For more than 40 years Dr. Hans Schwartz has been a member of the American Academy of Religion. His primary interests in the field of theology is the study of the natural sciences and their relationship with theology.

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