February 02, 2014

A Weekend in Weimar

Weimar is considered by some as one of the richest cities in terms of philosphical thought and renowned literary art in the world. Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Friedrich Nietzsche  are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to naming its famous residents.

Traditional AMBEX jump shot. Chase trying to beat the height record still held by the notorious David Diehl.

In the foreground, Taylor Dempsey, unaware of this camera shot, is listening to the audio tour of the famed Johann Wolfgang Goethe while walking through his well preserved home. Goethe was a famed German poet, playwright and a literary genius. One of his most renowned works is the two-part tragic play, "Faust."

Students shown here pose for a quick shot during their audio tour of Friedrich Schiller's house in downtown Weimar. Schiller is regarded by many as one of the most influential persons of the period of Weimar Classicism. As a poet, philosopher, playwright, and historian, Schiller was constantly penning his wisdom and creativity throughout his life, predominantly here at his home in Weimar.

Our last and final stop in Weimar was the Friedrich Nietzsche Archives. Here, Dr. Allen Jones shared a little insight into the philosphical standpoint of Nietzche and how his thoughts shaped the thoughts of the modern day world.

Chase demonstrates his belief in our ability and willingness to catch him in this trust fall. He must not be a Nihilist! Off to the vans now, we can not be late for dinner in our adopted foreign home of Regensburg!

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