January 19, 2014

Backyard Tour Part Eins

Regensburg, Germany

.....few can say that their backyard is more than 1000 years old. And even fewer can say that their city was strategically established by the Holy Roman Empire. The AMBEXers have such a privilege in calling Regensburg home for one semester.

Today we had the pleasure of taking an academic stroll through our medieval, Roman backyard. One of the stops along the way was one of Regensburg's largest plazas the Haiplatz. This plaza was historically home to the Regensburg Colloquy of 1541. It was in this plaza that Philip Melanchthon, along with other Protestant leaders, sought to debate the Catholic views on original sin and justification.

The walk then brought us to this historical building on the left. This structure was part of the former capital building of Bavaria and it was in this building that the Diet of Regensburg was held in 1620, 1623, and between 1663 and 1806. 

The rest of the tour gave students an opportunity to see the majestic cathedrals with their stain-glass masterpieces as well as their golden ornamentation within their walls. St. Peters is the most breathtaking and iconic symbol of Regensburg and its stain-glass windows are even more-so. 
Photo Credit: Sarah Doorly

What an impressive view of Dom St. Peter and fitting end to our tour.

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