October 14, 2013

Berlin Tour

And so we continued our journey from Dresdin to Berlin, a phenomenal city rich with culture and history. We started our time in Berlin where anyone should, the Berlin wall. Dr. Behle informed the Ambexers concerning some of the finer particulars concerning the wall's history after which point the students were able to explore for themselves-- a profound learning opportunity.

Kyle taking a closer look at the Berlin Wall
Oh silly Ambexers!

Ambex at the Berlin Wall!

After the wall we trekked to the Pergamon Museum which is home to some of Germnay's most prized archaeological possessions including the altar entrance to the acropolis in the ancient city of Pergamon in present day Turkey and location of one of the earliest Christian churches. 

Pergamon Alter
 Following Pergamon, we visited the other important sites in Berlin; Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, the Bundestag, the Holocaust Memorial, Humboldt University and the German Historical Museum. The last of these is home to some items particular interest to us not the least of which is the very Bible that Luther translated to German during his exile in Wartburg Castle.

The Luther Bible

Mallory and Liz at the Holocaust Memorial

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