February 03, 2013

Christian Worldview Academic Tour Spring 13!

Students view a timeline of events inside the museum at the Flossenburg concentration camp memorial.

"Coach" Jerry explains a map of the grounds prior to our tour of the concentration camp memorial site.

Group shot in front of Goethe's house!  Goethe was a world-famous philosopher of the early 19th century who resided right here in Weimar.  His large home is now a fantastic museum.

Our group spent several hours exploring the home of Goethe.  He had an extensive art collection, with over 16,000 pieces in total!  Only a small portion is on display in his home today.

Dr. Anderson posing with one of Goethe's pieces of art.  We are blessed to have such a great educator with us for the Christian Worldview course.

Kaylee and Hayley are reading some of Faust's works adapted for kinder (children).  Perhaps they are easier to understand than the originals! ;)

Group shot in downtown Weimar.  This is harder than it looks, folks.  :)

Spring 2013 AMBEXers in front of our favorite philosophers-in-residence, Goethe and his good friend Friedrich Schiller, the famous poet & playwright.  We will visit Schiller's house tomorrow!

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