March 14, 2012

Student Blog by Rachel - Nuernberg


Today we visited Nuernberg as part of the "Confronting Hitler, WWII & Bonhoeffer" class. We went to the Nazi History Museum, then wandered around old downtown Nuernberg. It was a fun & interesting field trip.

Nuernberg used to be the location of the National Socialist Head Quarters. They held their yearly Nazi rallies & propaganda video photo shoots here. They would use the best of the best Hitler Youth for filming & it was an honor to be requested to be involved. Here are some pictures from Nuernberg.
Many different items with Hitler on them: A cross-stitch, plate, painting, etc.

A picture of Jews being deported on railroad cars

The Nuernberg trials persecuting the leaders of the Nazis and Concentration camps

The main 22 people on trial: 12 sentenced to death, 3 life time prison, 3 long time prison sentence, and 3 acquitted, not sure about the last person

A broken up Hitler Head Statue, and a Nazi Cup

Unfinished Nazi Congress Hall

Me, with the Nazi Congress Hall in the Background

In the Museum, they have this monument, it is lit up railroad tracks, and pieces of paper with a name of a Holocaust Victim. Each name represents 100 or 100,000 Holocaust Victims. They made the monument as part of the Railroad tracks because the Railroads were such a crucial part of the Nazis' Final Solution, eliminating inferior races, Jews, Polish Jews, Gypsies, etc.

Here is a close up of some of the names

Old tower in Nuernberg

Old Cathedral in Nuernberg

All of us Spring 12 AMBEX girls on the old bridge

A fountain in the middle of the Famous Christmas Market Square

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