March 20, 2012

Student Blog by Alexis - Updates!

After returning from Ireland, we began our Third Reich course. The material was very emotionally draining, but I learned a lot about Bonhoeffer and his role in Germany during WWII. We also got to attend a Christian youth group in Regensburg. It made a lot of us feel like home, for although the German had to be translated, we loved the fellowship and love of the Lord that was present there. I cannot wait to attend again. I made some great new friends as well! Saturday, I went to a Bayern Munchen Bundesliga Soccer game in Munich. They won 7-1. I was quite impressed and I had a great time. We went to church on Sunday, which was translated for us by Andy and Kelley. The worship was mostly in German, but they were familiar songs we joyfully sang along with. Afterward, I got to go with some of the guys from youth group and play indoor soccer! I have to say, that was one of the best days yet. It was such a great way to get to know some Germans more closely than we had been able to before. They were also quite surprised at how good me and some of the AMBEX girls could play :) We finished off the Third Reich course yesterday and I traveled to England to meet up with my dad for our last Travel-Reading week. I was SO thrilled to see him. We got to see Linchfirld Cathedral and we went to an Irish pub for St. Patrick's day. Then Sunday we went to the Manchester United game, where they dominated Wolverhampton's 5-0. It was awesome to see Rooney up close. More updates to come. Cheers! 

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