February 09, 2012

Student Blog by Alexis Beattie: Christian Worldview Academic Tour

Alexis & Liz

We are here in Weimar, Thüringin, Germany. On the way, we stopped by Flossenburg concentration camp. That was so hard. I thought I would have been prepared for it, but actually being there and seeing exactly where all those people were lead, humiliated, and killed...it is hard to describe. It was heartbreaking. The pictures and artifacts in the museum brought the reality to it. We walked into the rooms where people were beaten and tortured and totally dehumanized. It was so hard to see...I could hear the screams and see the pain in their faces, yes their voices were not heard. This is something the world should not ever forget. Anyway, on a lighter note, next we went to a library that was absolutely amazing. It was full of incredible wood carvings and old books. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures, but it was breathtaking for us history nerds. That all was yesterday. Today, we went on a tour of Goethe's house and then Schiller's house, as well as a tour of the city of Weimar. It was snowing all day so it was absolutely gorgeous. It was an exhausting but super fun day. Tomorrow we go to another concentration camp, then back to Regensburg!

Poem based on Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Poem to A SS Officer

How did you feel
When you spat in their faces?
When you gave them no graces?

Did you feel
The cold they felt as they marched?
The pain in their backs as they arched?

When did you feel
The sharp ache of hunger in their sides?
The despair expelled with each of their sighs?

How did you feel?
Happy. Proud.
Did you feel?
You ignored it. You laughed at their pain.
When did you feel?
You never did.

But now you feel
You will now feel
Their pain and humiliation.
You will always feel
The burn of this fire.

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