November 05, 2010

Student blog by Kirsten Richardson: Operation Mobilization

Kirsten volunteered at an Operation Mobilization hostel during one of our reading/travel weeks... keep reading for her impressions.

This week has been a huge blessing!  I have cleaned many toilets, folded many pieces of toilet paper into a point to show it is clean, I have listened to mostly German, I have learned some German, I have made new acquaintances, I have experienced a week of OM.

For those of you who do not know OM it is Operation Mobilisation which is a mission organization founded by George Verwer.  They have ministries in many countries as well as a ship ministry.  The current ship is the Logos Hope!  Last Sunday when I arrived I walked up to the OM Deutschland doors and the building next door was the Ships Office!  How awesome!  What a God plan!  Two weeks ago I had no idea what I would be doing...ok maybe two and a half weeks.  I knew God did.  It has been awesome!  OM has always been a part of my life, indirectly through my family.  Now, I have been able to participate!

We went to Heidelberg today which was awesome!  Last week I had no idea I would be returning.

God is so good!

And....I need to read some more theological stuff.
I am really growing this semester and being stretched in academic ways I have not been!  It is awesome...and overwhelming....and a little scary sometimes!

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