April 09, 2010

Out and about in Munich...

Tanner & Courtney eating German "Elephant Ears" in the English Garden - delicious

Next our group headed to Odeonsplatz; there were beautiful gardens & flowers in the square

We found this memorial to the "Weisse Rose" Nazi Resistance group - early in the semester we watched a movie about these University students who were executed for their peaceful demonstrations (note lisa's sad face:)

The fountains are lovely and the weather couldn't have been more perfect

Lis & Tanner enjoying the sunshine

Courtney & Nicole revived the princess pose for Munich

The following day we headed to the Olympic stadium - Jeff visited the BMW museum while Tanner took a dip in the Olympic pool and the girls did a little row-boating with Andrew. Dr. Hills and I toured the stadium and found the memorial statue to the Jewish athletes who were killed here in 1972 by Palestinian terrorists

Olympic Pool in Munich

Corban's Dr. Hills with the memorial for the murdered Jewish athletes at Munich's Olympic stadium

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