April 19, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen!

Last evening together - Photo scavenger hunt around Regensburg:
"Photo of group on a boat - bonus points if the boat is christened with a cute German name like Helga" - they nailed it.

Pic with "someone in a uniform;" can you believe they found this person wearing a US football uniform at 10 in the evening?!

Spring 2010 in a "pyramid with the Regensburg Dom (Cathedral) in the background." Note the two German intruders - they wanted in on the action.

As we said our final goodbyes the night before everyone departed we reflected on how blessed this semester has been. More than any semester previously, the Lord unified this group and centered their relationships. As they were stretched from intense course loads to solo travel and culture shock they grew in understanding and matured in independence. We look forward to seeing them walk in faith and use their understanding and worldview for the Lord's glory. We know Christ has a perfect plan in store and will complete the good work started in them. We are honored to have served them and helped them see the world with a global perspective these last few months. It has been a pleasure. 

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