April 12, 2009

AMBEX in Regensburg

As mentioned in the previous post, AMBEX' campus is moving to Regensburg. While the new location, in and of itself, holds many exciting new opportunities for our program, we would also like to highlight a few of AmBex' additional offerings:

  • Fully accredited course work
  • All credits (up to 17 semester units) will transfer to students' home-college transcripts
  • AMBEX is decisively Christian and biblically integrated
  • Academic tours are included in tuition - Land of the Reformers
  • Individual travel--students have approximately 25 days to travel on their own
  • Cohort organization - students are Christians coming from other like-minded colleges and universities e.g. Corban College, Columbia International University, Moody Bible Institute, Trinity Int'l Uni, The Master's College etc.
  • Professors are devout Christian's and superb teachers/pastors.
  • Courses are sequential and compressed - 3 weeks each. Week one of three is a reading/travel week. Weeks two and three - Professors lecture M-F, 9am - 1 pm.
  • Instruction is in English but their are many opportunities to assimilate into the German culture through church and Regensburg University
  • AMBEX is tied to the local Free Christian German church -- AmBex students have many opportunities to worship, serve and fellowship with other Christians.
  • AmBex has Scholarship funds.
  • AMBEX facilities are located on an island in the beautiful Danube River, a 10' walk to Old Town Regensburg (a UNESCO World Heritage Landmark)
For more information please contact us or visit our website!

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