November 05, 2008

Student Post: Joey Charles

Upon witnessing the place where over 30,000 people from all over the world were cremated because of Nazi Concentration camps, may the World never know this suffering again, and may we engage the evil in the world so that it won't happen again.

God Help us.

History, what can we make of it?
Tin and Granite Left behind
building upon building marked by time
The faces of those lost seem to haunt our minds
What can we make of it?

God Help us

The Granite was there
with plenty to spare
Just needed some workers to strip the place bare

God Help us

Let us use prisoners who've bitten our hand
get all the work out of them we can
make them work till they can't even stand

What Can we make of it?

God Help us

Some start to die
No one asks why
They just take them to the ovens and let their smoke float to the sky.

God Help us

After many years of lying
of so many tears from crying
most people came to realize they would never get away

What Can we make of this?

100,000 people came and 30,000 were not kept
They burned all their bodies until only ash was left
All peoples together eternally slept

What are we to make of this?

God please help us!

Keep us From being untrue
for being so prideful not following you
please give us a love for our fellow man
so that this will never happen again
Please help us recognize when help is needed
and let your name in the fertile soil be seeded
Keep our eyes open for evil and engage it in your name
So that this world will never experience this Catastrophe again.

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