November 05, 2008

Mid-Semester Update

AmBEx students are currently finishing up the Reformation Theology class taught by Dr. Dave Garner joining us from Westminster University in Philadelphia. In the past weeks AmBex students enjoyed superb teaching, many opportunities for travel, including the Land of Luther Academic Tour, along with several local events and outings around AmBEx' home town, Amberg. A few highlights included the performance of Munich Philharmonic at Amberg's 16th Century Opera house, fieldtrips to Nuernberg, Regensburg, Flossenburg Concentration Camp Memorial, several themed city tours of Amberg's Opera house, City Hall, Old Wall and Provincial Library, as well as game & movie nights, weekly chapels and local ministry involvement. As students continue to be stretched in their faith and spiritual walk, AmBEx's unique dichotomy of ministry and learning has helped students apply class principals to their ministries and relationships with German friends. As they continue to understand Germany's unique culture and spiritual state, students are becoming increasingly globally minded. Germans are in dire need for a Savior and the fields are ripe for harvest.
Please pray for AmBEx in the coming weeks as the semester is nearing its end. Many relationships have been established, and we pray that these would continue to mature. We also pray for safety in our travels as we are preparing to depart for the Land of Calvin tour as well as field trips to Prague and Munich. Lastly we pray that the Lord will be glorified through our ministry in Amberg and would provide opportunities to further His Kingdom.

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