August 03, 2008

Herzlich Willkommen Fall 2008 Co-hort!

AmBEx is preparing for its second Semester of Christian Study Abroad in Amberg. We are excited to welcome students and professors starting in early September and are looking forward to a stretching and enlightening semester. Presently, we are enjoying the warm weather and blue skies of a traditional Bavarian summer, along with the many town-festivals, open air concerts, and cultural fairs. The summer months are also a wonderful time to enjoy fellowship and outreach with our two local churches, both of which are excited to host another semester of ministry-minded AmBEx students in the Fall.

Below are a few reminders students should be preparing as they gear up for arrival on September 5:

1. Read the AmBEx Student Life Handbook
2. Read the AmBEx Fall 2008 Pre-Departure Checklist
3. Email us your flight itinerary (please make sure you are arriving in Nuremberg (NUE) on Sept. 5, 2008)
4. Bring a copy of your Travel Insurance

For more information, please contact us, or visit our website at:

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