March 31, 2008

Student Post: Krug

Student Post by Timothy Krug, AmbEx student from Moody Bible Institute

I wanted to visit a French-speaking country, and I was hesitant to visit France because of their ill-reputed treatment of Americans; Belgium seemed like a charming alternative. Besides, who wouldn’t want to visit the namesake of the Belgian waffle?

In our exploration, we (Mitchell, Hannah, and I) managed to find two incredible chocolate shops. Since Belgium is known primarily for its chocolate, I knew these would be worth looking into. When the woman behind the counter addressed me in French, I knew that I finally had a golden opportunity to use my high school French skills. After my successful venture and newfound confidence, I later ordered waffles for the three of us at a small kiosk on the street. These were not just any waffles, though. These were Belgian gaufres li├Ęge, i.e. the best waffles on the planet! They were a carmelly dessert confection, the likes of which I'd never had.

The next day, I took the reins of navigation and sightseeing. From the 13th century towers and imposing cathedrals to the modern skyskrapers and the Manneken Pis, Brussels has plenty with which to impress. Perhaps most impressive, though, is that in our two days of travel, we never once suffered an extensive decision-making colloquy. In all, the trip was a resounding success. I eagerly recommend Belgium to anyone who is interested in traveling in Europe.

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