February 21, 2008

Student Posts: Slater & Eberhardt

A note by Emily Slater, AmbEx student from Corban College

Possibly one of the best moments to be had in Prague is a breath-taking view of the palace and cathedral rising up out of the rock across the water. This is especially magnificent at night, when the river is black but the palace rises in a dreamlike blue-green glow into the sky. Another special moment is walking across the Charles Bridge. We could not help enjoying the breeze off the river and the jazz wafting our way from a little band gathered on one side of the bridge. Along the entire length of the bridge, vendors sell their hand-made wares, from paintings and sketches to toys or wooden flutes.

You certainly can't go to Prague without enjoying some traditional Czech food, such as the spicy beef goulash or my personal favourite, Svíčková (roast beef with bread dumplings in a cream sauce) where the atmosphere is congenial and the food is… well, the food is just perfect!

A note by Brian Eberhardt, AmbEx student from Corban College

After wandering aimlessly around Salzburg’s old town we decided to take a break in the courtyard adjacent to Mirabell Platz. We began observing the flux of people back-dropped by the tall Victorian universities and baroque churches and I thought about how this would be a nice place to take my future wife. Seeking confirmation, I mentioned it to Tim and he shared a joke about "man-dates" and then we were off talking about past relationships and stupid mistakes we’d made. I really felt like our friendship went grew just by taking the occasion to stop and sit, not allowing ourselves to become overly focused with seeing everything.

God has been teaching me the importance of slowing down and allowing Him to work. As I’ve taken a chance to do this, I’ve not only been enabled to have a greater appreciation for my surroundings, but I find that in my reflection I am more grateful for the manifold blessings that I experience daily.

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